Dritz Grade 10 Food Safe Cotton Cheesecloth – Versatile 36″ x 6 Yard Roll for Cooking, Crafting, Cleaning and More


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Experience the versatility and value of Dritz grade 10 cotton cheesecloth! This soft, absorbent 100% cotton fabric is food-safe and has endless uses around your home.

Use it in the kitchen for straining foods, lining pans, covering rising dough, making cheese and herbs, and so much more. The lightweight fabric won’t impart flavors or shed cotton into your recipes. It’s also perfect for crafting, cleaning, auto detailing, and DIY projects.

A Multi-Purpose Cotton Cloth for Kitchen and Home

This cheesecloth is constructed from durable, sanitary cotton that meets food grade standards. It’s free from contaminants and safe for direct contact with food during cooking and baking. The open weave allows maximum airflow and drainage.

In the kitchen, use this cheesecloth for:

  • Straining stocks, broths, juices, sauces, curds, yogurt, jelly, apple sauce, and more
  • Wrapping herbs, spices, and garlic cloves for easy removal
  • Lining pots, pans, colanders, and steamer baskets as a protective barrier
  • Covering rising doughs to prevent excessive drying
  • Making nut milk, cheese, tofu, vinegar, and herb bundles
  • Cooling fried foods like fritters and chips
  • Creating sachets of dry ingredients for soup stocks and sauces

The absorbent cotton also works great for:

  • Dusting and cleaning delicate surfaces without scratching
  • Polishing mirrors, windows, and glassware
  • Applying waxes and polishes to cars, floors, and furniture
  • Buffing stainless steel appliances to a streak-free shine

Creatively Craft with Soft, Pliable Cheesecloth

Let your creativity run wild with this versatile natural fabric. Use it for sewing, crafting, holidays, events, costumes, and more.

  • Make ghostly Halloween decorations, bows, flower accents, and party favors
  • Fashion angel wings, tutus, scarves, and other clothing items
  • Create pouches for gift baskets, wedding favors, potpourri, soaps, and more
  • Make natural pest deterrents by filling with cedar chips, lavender, and other aromatics
  • Shape into bows, flowers, butterflies and other accents for gift wrapping
  • Use as an inexpensive lining fabric when sewing clothes and home decor items like curtains

The lightweight cotton is easy to cut, shape, glue, and sew. It adds dimension and texture to any craft project.

Why Choose Dritz Cheesecloth?

Dritz is a leading brand that’s been trusted since 1937 for quality sewing, crafting, and needlecraft supplies. Their cheesecloth stands apart for these reasons:

  • Food-Safe and Pure: Contains 100% sanitary cotton with no chemicals or dyes
  • Durable Grade 10: Made from tightly woven long-staple cotton for strength
  • Soft and Absorbent: Gently polishes surfaces and collects dust and liquids with ease
  • Versatile Size: Generous 36 inch width x 6 yard length roll fits many applications
  • Trusted Brand: Dritz is dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction

Stock your kitchen, craft room, and cleaning closet with this multi-use cotton cloth. The convenient bulk roll is economical for everyday use around the entire home.

Order Now for Versatility, Value, and Quality

Bring home the Dritz Grade 10 Cotton Cheesecloth today. Discover just how useful this simple cotton cloth can be for crafters, home cooks, cleaners, and DIYers alike.


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