Decorate with DIY Magic – 200 Pcs Unfinished Half Wood Balls for Crafts and Decor


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Transform ordinary objects into whimsical works of art with these 200 unfinished half wood balls. The blanks balls are perfect for letting your creativity run wild!

At 12mm in diameter, these smooth natural wood half spheres are ideal for crafting and decor purposes. Paint them, stain them, glue them – the possibilities are endless!

Use these to craft gnome noses, decorative wreaths, charming woodland critters, and more. Let the kids decorate their rooms by adding colorful polka dots or animal faces. Adults can create beautiful ornaments and home accents too.

Half wood balls have so many uses:

– Paint to make ornament garland

– Glue on frames, mirrors or furniture for whimsical accent pieces

– Make sweet faces for forest gnome figurines

– Craft woodland critters like hedgehogs, mushrooms, owls and more

– Coat with Mod Podge and glitter to add sparkle

– Stack and glue to form shapes like snowmen and robots

– Spray paint metallics or pastels for colorful works of art

The natural unfinished wood is ready for your creative ideas. The smooth sanded half balls are comfortable to handle for kids and adults.

At 200 pieces, the entire family can work on projects together. Let the kids paint charming accent pieces for their bedrooms. They’ll love decorating with their own crafty creations!

With so many possibilities, these half wood balls will inspire hours of DIY fun. Unleash your inner artist and create something magical!


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