Darice Elizabeth Ward 45 Piece Assorted Portable Diamond Painting Storage and Bead Organizer with 42 Variable Sized Containers


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Keep your craft room organized and tidy with the Darice Elizabeth Ward 45 Piece Assorted Portable Diamond Painting Storage and Bead Organizer. This versatile storage solution is perfect for diamond painters, jewelry makers, beaders, and crafters who need to keep a variety of small items sorted and easily accessible.

Customizable Storage for All Your Crafting Needs

The core of this diamond painting and bead organizer is the 42 removable plastic containers in assorted sizes. You get:

– 3 large containers
– 10 medium containers
– 16 small containers
– 13 tiny containers

The containers are clear so you can easily see inside. They have lids to keep contents secure. The different sizes allow you to customize the storage to fit everything from large beads and findings to tiny sequins and seed beads. Stack the containers together in the tray to keep like items together or organize by color, material, project, or whatever system works for you.

The 13.75 x 10.5 x 2 inch tray has a snap shut lid so you can secure the contents or peek inside without taking the whole top off. The portable size means you can take your organized supplies anywhere – to classes, craft events, on trips, or just to different rooms in your home.

Keep Diamond Painting Tools Handy

Diamond painters will love having quick access to all those tiny diamond resin drills. The small compartments are ideal for sorting colors. You can also store your diamond tweezers, pens, applicators, and other tools in the larger compartments. If you have multiple diamond painting projects going, you can keep each kit’s supplies separate for easy access.

Jewelry Makers – Bead Storage & Organization

Jewelry makers will find this bead organizer invaluable for sorting and storing all the embellishments that go into their designs. Keep different bead sizes, shapes, and colors organized. The see-through lids and containers make it easy to find what you need for your next jewelry piece. You can store small findings like earring backs, crimp beads, headpins, and eyepins in the smaller containers.

Crafters – Embellishment & Component Storage

Crafters who work with fabric, paper, resin, clay, and other mediums will love having one place to neatly organize all the little embellishments that go into their projects. Sewers can store buttons, snaps, rhinestones, and more. Paper crafters will love keeping sticker sheets, bling, brads, eyelets, and other must-have notion organized and tangle-free. The possibilities are endless!

High Quality Durable Construction

This crafter’s organizer is made by Darice, a leader in crafting supplies and accessories. The lidded plastic tray and removable containers are made from durable, shatter-resistant plastic. They are built to withstand years of craft room use. The transparent plastic makes it easy to see inside each compartment. The snap shut lid keeps the organizer neatly contained so you don’t lose tiny parts.

Convenient Size for Storage & Portability

The 13.75 x 10.5 x 2 inch size means you can keep this bead and embroidery floss organizer on your craft table or desktop ready to use. It’s also small enough to tuck into a drawer or cabinet when not in use. Take your organized supplies on road trips, to classes, and anywhere crafting adventures take you. The interlocking stackable containers stay neatly in place in the tray.

Organize Your Craft Supplies in Style

Say goodbye to messy boxes spilling over with craft supplies. This organizer brings order to all your jewelry making, diamond painting, sewing, beading and general crafting supplies. The clear stackable containers make it easy to see what’s inside while keeping items handy and untangled. Get organized and get creating with this versatile storage solution.


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