Danghyuk Bamboo Bead Board – Jewelry Making Tool for Bracelets, Necklaces & DIY Designs


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Express your creativity and channel your inner artist with the Danghyuk Bamboo Bead Board. This versatile jewelry making tool is the perfect accessory for designing beautiful, one-of-a-kind bracelets, necklaces, and other DIY jewelry creations.

Crafted from natural, sustainable bamboo, the bead board is lightweight yet highly durable. At just 1.6 pounds, it’s easy to store and take on-the-go to bead parties or jewelry making classes. The sturdy bamboo withstands daily use without warping or splintering.

With its variety of straight grooves, circular grooves, and engraved measurements, the bead board streamlines the jewelry design process. Easily align beads, measure bracelet lengths, and construct symmetrical patterns. The precise laser-engraved markings won’t fade or rub off over time.

Key Features:

– Natural bamboo construction – durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly

– Dimensions of 14.9 x 11.4 x 0.4 inches provides ample workspace

– Includes 2 straight grooves, 3 necklace grooves, and 6 bracelet circles

– Grooves feature metric and imperial measurements for convenience

– Laser-engraved numbers won’t fade or wear off

Design Beautiful Bracelets with Ease

The bead board has 6 circular grooves for constructing bracelets from 6 to 8 inches long. The channels keep beads neatly aligned so you can create perfect symmetry. Use the engraved inch and centimeter markings to easily measure the bracelet length as you work.

Craft Artful Necklaces in Any Length

Three long necklace grooves allow you to design stunning necklaces up to 30 inches long. The measurements along the edges make it simple to cut the cord to the ideal length. Use the straight grooves to layout beads before stringing.

Organize Supplies for Faster Jewelry Making

The spacious 14.9 x 11.4 inch surface provides plenty of room for arranging beads, findings, and other essentials. Keep all your jewelry making tools in one place to save time hunting for that perfect item. The smooth bamboo surface prevents small beads and delicate chains from rolling away.

Great for Beginners & Professionals Alike

Whether you’re just starting out or have years of jewelry designing under your belt, this bead board is a must-have. The versatile design and engraved markings make jewelry assembly easier for beginners, while the ample workspace benefits professionals creating multiple pieces.

Lightweight & Portable

At just 1.6 pounds, the bamboo bead board is easy to store in a drawer or jewelry box. Take it anywhere inspiration strikes – from beading parties to vacation. The compact size takes up minimal space in your craft bag or on a tabletop.

Sustainably Made from Natural Bamboo

Crafted from Moso bamboo, this bead board utilizes fast-growing, renewable bamboo instead of slower-growing hardwoods. The durable, smooth bamboo withstands heavy use without splintering over time like some wood boards. It’s an eco-friendly choice for the conscious jewelry maker.

Enjoy Stress-Free Jewelry Design

Frustration from beads rolling away or necklaces coming out lopsided kills the joy of jewelry making. This bead board eliminates those hassles so you can relax and unleash your inner artist. Create perfectly symmetrical designs every time to give as gifts or sell online.

Dress up your jewelry collection without draining your wallet. Making your own bracelets, necklaces and more is enjoyable and affordable with the Danghyuk Bamboo Bead Board. The natural bamboo construction and engraved grooves facilitate jewelry assembly while the compact size makes it easy to take your craft anywhere.


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