Creative Sparkles 900 PCS Pom Poms Multicolor Bulk Pom Poms for Arts, Crafts and Party Decorations


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Add a burst of colorful fun to any arts, crafts or party project with this massive 900 piece pom pom assortment! With 12 vivid colors like red, pink, purple, blue, and more, these soft and fluffy pom poms are perfect for letting little imaginations run wild.

900 Piece Rainbow Pom Pom Variety Pack

This jumbo pack includes:

– 510 1cm mini pom poms in 12 colors
– 150 1.5cm small pom poms in 12 colors
– 50 2cm medium pom poms in 12 colors
– 40 3cm large pom poms in 12 colors
– 150 1.5cm glitter pom poms in 5 colors

With pom poms ranging from 1cm to 3cm, this has all the sizes you need for any project. Use the tiny 1cm pops of color to add detail and texture. The 1.5cm size is great for fuller decorative elements like tassels or garlands. For prominent stand-out accents, choose the 2cm and 3cm pom poms to make a statement.

The included glitter pom poms add an extra dash of shine, perfect for parties and holidays. Their bright colors reflect the light beautifully.

Soft, Fluffy Craft Pom Poms for Kids

These pom poms are made from soft, fluffy polyester fiber that gives them a pillowy texture. The fiber bounces back into shape even after squishing and scrunching, so they always look full and plump.

The softness makes them perfect for little hands to handle. They’re easy to glue, tie and attach to projects without being scratchy or poke-y. Kids will love using these colorful pom poms for arts, crafts and imaginative play.

Endless DIY Crafting Possibilities

With 900 pom poms, the creative options are endless! Here are just a few ideas:

– Pom pom wreaths
– Pom pom necklaces and bracelets
– Pom pom keychains
– Pom pom animals like birds, foxes or llamas
– Pom pom garlands and banners
– Pom pom tassels on lamps or bags
– Pom pom decorations on headbands or clips
– Pom pom ornaments
– Pom pom bag charms
– Pom pom flowers
– Pom pom sensory bins
– Pom pom letters and numbers
– Pom pom crowns
– Pom pom ring toss game
– Pom pom photobooth props
– Pom pom critter plushies like cats or octopuses

The versatility of pom poms makes them a craft cupboard staple. Let these colorful pom poms bring out your inner crafter!

Develops Fine Motor Skills

Working with the small pom poms is great for developing fine motor skills in young kids. Using tweezers or clothespins to pick them up helps build dexterity. Threading them onto strings and yarn promotes hand-eye coordination. Moving and gluing the lightweight pom poms helps strengthen little hands.

The bright colors also stimulate vision development. Sorting by color, size and texture teaches early classification skills. Counting pom poms introduces counting and color recognition.

Fun, Interactive Learning

Pom pom play encourages open-ended creativity and problem solving as kids build, collage, assemble and experiment. Mixed with sensory materials like water beads, sand or rice, pom poms make engaging tactile bins.

These multicolor pom poms bring hands-on excitement to learning letters, numbers, patterns, sorting and threading skills. Use them on color wheels and counting charts for interactive lessons. Spell names, shape pictures and build sculptures to spark imagination.

Perfect for Parties and Celebrations

Spruce up your next birthday party, baby shower, anniversary bash or holiday celebration with these festive pom poms. Use them as confetti in gift bags or make pom pom garlands to decorate. Craft custom signs and banners spelling out messages. Top cupcakes, wreaths and other decor with lively pom pom accents.

Hand out pom poms for guests to wave and toss in place of streamers. Kids will love taking home these bright keepsake craft supplies in goodie bags. With 12 colors, you can easily match party themes or seasonal shades.

Made for Sharing Creative Fun

Made for sharing, these pom poms encourage friends and siblings to craft together. Bond with your kids while crafting and playing imagination games with their pom pom creations. Make them a cute pom pom pet as a take-along buddy.

Give pom poms as birthday party favors or homemade gifts from the heart. Donate sets to daycares, community centers, summer camps and nonprofit children’s programs to supply creative fun for groups. Spread art and craft inspiration with these happy handfuls of colorful fluff!

Tips for Parents

Pom poms are small craft parts that can pose a choking risk for children under 3. Use adult supervision when crafting. Do not let young kids play with pom poms or put them in their mouths. Keep out of reach when not in use.

Bring out happy creativity with this 900 piece multicolor pom pom variety pack! With all the vibrant colors and sizes you need, the craft possibilities are endless.


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