Create Your Own Unique Beaded Bracelets, Necklaces and More with Ohtomber Stretchy Elastic Cord


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Add a pop of color and personality to your jewelry collection with the Ohtomber Bracelet String Elastic Cord. This high-quality stretchy cord comes in a convenient 2-pack, with each cord measuring 100m/109 yards long – providing you with plenty of vibrant elastic beading thread to create endless DIY beaded bracelets, necklaces, anklets and more.

Superior Strength and Flexibility

At the core of the Ohtomber elastic cord is a durable nylon interior that provides excellent strength and stretchability. This interior elastic withstands pulling and friction, while maintaining its shape and elasticity even after repeated use. Covering the flexible nylon is a rainbow-colored fabric sleeve that offers a smooth, comfortable feel and vibrant look.

Designed for Jewelry Making

With the perfect blend of flexibility and durability, this elastic beading thread is ideal for all your jewelry making needs. It has the right thickness to effortlessly thread through small beads, while still being strong enough to securely hold beads in place without breaking. The cord is easy to knot and cut to your desired length. Knots seamlessly hide behind beads for clean, professional finishes.

Endless Design Possibilities

Let your creativity run wild with the versatile Ohtomber elastic beading cord! Use it to create charming candy-colored charm bracelets, boho-chic tassel necklaces, dainty natural stone bracelets and more. Mix and match bead colors, shapes and sizes. Layer multiple bracelets at a time. The stretchy elastic makes putting on and taking off your handmade jewelry a breeze. No clasps needed!

For Beginners and Experts Alike

Even if you’re new to jewelry making, you’ll find working with the Ohtomber elastic cording to be intuitive and foolproof. The instructions provide clear directions to get you started. And the cord’s high quality ensures your designs always look polished and professional. More advanced jewelers will appreciate the cord’s durability and ability to elevate simple beads into one-of-a-kind works of wearable art.

Use Beyond Jewelry Making

The creative ways to use this stretchy cording are endless! Craft finger puppet loops, headbands, decorative hat bands, hair ties, keychains and more. Use it in place of elastic thread for clothing repairs. Hang lights, signs or other decor items around the home. The colorful cord adds a fun pop of color wherever it’s used.

Convenient and Organized

The Ohtomber elastic cord comes neatly wrapped on plastic spools, keeping the thread organized and tangle-free. The compact spools are easy to store in your craft cabinet or take on-the-go. Each spool contains 100m/109 yards of stretchy beading thread, giving you plenty of cord for all your projects.

High Quality You Can Count On

Ohtomber is dedicated to providing crafters and jewelers with superior materials you can trust. Our elastic beading cord withstands pulls, knots, twists and friction without damage. The vibrant color remains fade-resistant project after project. We back our quality commitment with a money-back guarantee.

Unlock Your Creativity Now

The only limit is your imagination with the Ohtomber Stretchy Elastic Beading Cord 2-pack. Get ready to make unique, personalized jewelry and crafts to enjoy for years to come. Order your versatile elastic cord set today!


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