Create Stunning Jewelry Designs with The Beadsmith Mini Bead Board


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The Beadsmith Mini Bead Board is the perfect jewelry designing tool for crafters and jewelers. With its thoughtful design and helpful features, you can sketch out beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and more before ever picking up a bead.

Customizable Channels Help You Design One-of-a-Kind Creations

At the heart of this bead board are the 4 straight channels running vertically across its surface. Each channel is V-shaped to cradle round beads and keep them from rolling away. Space them out to map multi-strand designs or push beads together to visualize clustered looks. With a full 9 inches in length, you have ample room to mock up statement pieces or layered necklaces. The open channels give you the flexibility to reposition beads until your design feels just right.

Flocked Surface Securely Holds Beads in Place

The soft gray flocking that covers the bead board serves an important purpose. The short fibers create resistance to keep beads from slipping out of place once you set them in the channels. This helps tremendously when you’re playing around with color combinations and bead placements. The tactile surface lets you focus on the creative process rather than constantly re-coralling loose beads.

Reference Measurements Printed Right on the Board

To make designing even easier, The Beadsmith prints measurements directly on the bead board. The channels and compartments contain inch markings, while the outer edges display both inch and centimeter scales. This allows you to precisely plan choker length necklaces or sized bracelet designs. No more guessing if you have the right lengths or scrambling to find a measuring tape. The bead board has you covered.

Compartments Hold Essential Jewelry-Making Supplies

Between the 4 straight channels sit 5 recessed storage compartments. These are ideal for holding all your jewelry making essentials while you work on new designs. Store extra beads, clasps, wire, crimp beads and other findings. You can even use the sections to organize seed beads by color or size. The compartments keep your supplies conveniently at hand but out of the way of your layout space.

Portable Size for Crafting Anywhere

At 7.75 x 11.25 inches, The Beadsmith bead board is an ideal medium size—not so tiny that designing feels cramped, but still small enough for portability. Easily pack it in your bead kit to head to classes or craft events. The lightweight board is also thin enough to toss in a suitcase if you want to jewelry design on vacation. Wherever your inspiration strikes, you can create with this board.

Jewelry Designers of All Levels Will Love This Board

Experienced jewelers and new designers alike find great value in using The Beadsmith Mini Bead Board. The simple purpose of laying out color/bead schemes makes it helpful to crafters at any skill level. Advanced jewelers appreciate being able to mock up complex multi-strand designs before committing precious materials. Beginners love being able to experiment freely without wasting supplies on designs that don’t work out. It builds confidence for novice crafters.

Visualize Designs and Make Changes with Ease

One of the biggest advantages of using a bead board is being able to see your jewelry designs laid out visually. Moving beads around on the board gives you a sense of shape and scale difficult to achieve imagining pieces in your head. The open layout lets you quickly substitute new color combinations, bead styles, or strand options. You can mix, match, and revise until a design clicks. far easier than undoing knotted final pieces!

Create a Range of Jewelry Pieces

The Beadsmith Mini Bead Board is incredibly versatile for designing all types of jewelry including:

  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Lariat necklaces
  • Chokers
  • Multi-strand necklaces
  • Anklets
  • Dangle earrings
  • Chandelier earrings

With a compact bead board from The Beadsmith, you’ll wonder how you ever designed jewelry pieces without one! The bead board is an essential jewelry making tool that makes the entire process more enjoyable. Its smart design features will help you envision and actualize your most creative jewelry concepts with ease.


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