Create Masterpieces with the Ultimate French Easel Painting Set for Aspiring Artists


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Bring art to life with the All-in-One 163-Piece French Easel Painting Set. This deluxe starter kit has everything an aspiring artist needs to explore a variety of painting techniques and mediums. The standout is the beautiful hardwood French-style easel with adjustable legs, spacious storage, and a convenient carrying strap. Along with the easel, you get 100+ vibrant paints, canvases, brushes, palettes, and more. Unleash your inner Picasso with this dream art kit!

Sturdy French-Style Easel for Painting Indoors or Outdoors

The solid wood French easel is built to last with premium craftsmanship. Set it up in your studio or take it outside for plein air painting. The triangular design provides a stable base to hold your canvas at an optimal angle. Adjustable legs allow you to find the perfect height for sitting or standing. A roomy drawer stores brushes, palettes, paint tubes, and other essentials. The easel folds down and comes with a shoulder strap for easy transport.

Massive Selection of 100+ Rich, Vibrant Paints

This set delivers a rainbow of over 100 brilliant paints to ignite creativity. You get four popular types of paint to experiment with different techniques:

  • 48 acrylic paints in every color from crimson red to lemon yellow
  • 24 oil paints with a smooth, buttery texture perfect for blending
  • 24 watercolors with concentrated pigments that produce vivid washes
  • 12 metallic acrylics to add dazzling shimmer and shine

The vivid, professional-quality paint formulas offer superior coverage and easy mixability. Discover new color combinations to make your artworks pop.

Pre-Stretched Canvases and Painting Pads

This kit includes everything you need to transfer your imagination onto canvas right away. It comes with 8 pre-stretched canvases in multiple sizes. The thick, gallery-wrap canvases feature sturdy stretcher bars and primed white cotton canvas pulled tight for excellent adhesion.

You also get pads for oil, acrylic, and watercolor painting. Each pad contains 12 sheets of textured paper sized 9 x 12 inches. The heavy-weight paper stands up to wet mediums with minimal buckling.

Complete Set of Paint Brushes and Art Tools

A real painter needs real brushes. This set delivers 30 nylon and natural hair brushes for handling any type of paint. Sizes range from fine liner to wide wash. The brush heads are securely attached to short, comfortable handles. Bristles have the right degree of spring and taper for smooth strokes.

Along with brushes, you get 5 palette knives for mixing paints and creating texture. Sponges help blend and soften edges. Wood and plastic palettes provide space for squeezing out paints. A color wheel takes the guesswork out of combining colors.

Everything an Artist Needs in One Convenient Set

This all-in-one kit adds up to an incredible value. Buying each piece separately could cost over $500. But here you get everything together for one affordable price:

  • French-style hardwood easel
  • 100+ acrylic, oil, and watercolor paints
  • 8 pre-stretched canvases
  • 3 multi-media painting pads
  • 30 brushes with storage bags
  • 5 palette knives for textures
  • Sponges, palettes, mixing wheel

Treat the budding artist in your life to this awesome beginner’s set. Kids, teens, college students, and adults will have a blast exploring their creativity with every art supply imaginable. Order now and be the hero who helped the next Picasso discover their talent!


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