Craft Perfect Bracelets and Jewelry with 100m Elastic Beading Cord


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This elastic beading cord is the ideal stringing material for creating beautiful, professional-looking handmade jewelry. The premium stretchy cord offers just the right amount of flexible hold and bounce to make jewelry that looks professionally strung. At an impressive 100 meters per roll, this elastic cord provides plenty of material for all your beaded projects.

Premium Elastic Material for Long-Lasting Jewelry

The elastic beading cord is constructed from quality nylon and polyester fabric braided over a rubber core. This creates strong, durable elastic that maintains its flexibility and stretch. The smooth poly-cotton exterior resists knots and tangles as you string beads. No need to fight with unruly cord! The elasticity also provides just the right amount of “give” for a professional bracelet or necklace with a customized fit. This stringing material is built to last for jewelry you’ll love wearing for years to come.

Adapts to Multiple Bead Sizes

With a 0.8mm width, this versatile elastic cord works with a wide range of bead sizes. It fits through larger 6-8mm beads with room to stretch and hold. The cord is a popular choice for stone beads, clay beads, chunky wood beads, and large statement beads. Of course, you can also string smaller 4-6mm beads on this elastic thread. This adaptability means you can use it for all your beaded jewelry projects in a range of styles.

Snug, Custom Fit for Bracelets

Elastic cord is wonderful for creating bracelets with a tailored fit. The material stretches to slip over your hand comfortably then gently constricts for a snug, custom feel. This makes elastic an excellent choice for children’s bracelets, men’s bracelets, and charity/cause bracelets meant to fit firmly. The stretchy cord moves with you without feeling tight or constrictive.

Reduce Breakage Worries with Flexible Cord

Jewelry made with elastic cord holds beads more securely than alternatives like nylon thread. The springy stretch of the elastic evenly distributes weight and tension. This significantly reduces string breakage and lost beads, especially in chunky multi-strand bracelets. You can design bold bracelets using gemstones, wood beads, and other heavy materials without constant breakage frustration.

Easy to String and Manipulate

Despite the strong elasticity, this beading cord remains pliable and easy to string. The softness allows you to tie knots without fibers catching or fraying. You can easily manipulate the cord when attaching clasps, crimping ends, or making other adjustments. Avoid sore fingers or struggling to tweeze rigid cord during the finishing process.

Use for Jewelry, Hair Ties, Keychains and More

Beyond jewelry, this handy elastic cord works wonderfully for:

  • Hair ties
  • Bookmarks
  • Keychains
  • Pet collars
  • Guitar straps
  • Bag straps
  • Crafty home décor

Let your creativity run wild dreaming up all the ways to use this versatile elastic beading cord!

Safety First with Stretch Cord

We want jewelry-making to be an enjoyable, worry-free experience. Please supervise children playing with this elastic cord. The stretchiness poses a risk of over-stretching around small necks. Otherwise, string away with confidence for fun jewelry that looks handcrafted by a professional!


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