Craft and Party 200 Yard Tulle Fabric Spool – Elegant Sheer Tulle for All DIY Projects


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Transform any space into a dreamy wonderland with the Craft and Party 200 Yard Tulle Spool. This premium tulle fabric adds lightweight elegance to weddings, parties, gifts, costumes, and everyday crafts.

The finely woven polyester tulle provides a sheer, breezy texture that’s perfect for draping, wrapping, and accenting. Drape it over tables or doorways to create an ethereal backdrop. Fashion it into tutus, dancer skirts, fairy wings, and other whimsical creations. Wrap gifts in this delicate fabric for an upscale presentation. The options are endless with 200 yards of lovely tulle!

Soft Yet Durable Fabric:

This tulle is finely crafted from quality polyester to strike the ideal balance of softness and durability. It has a gauzy, lightweight feel that moves gracefully. Yet it’s strong enough for repeated handling and manipulation. The fabric retains its shape through projects so your vision stays intact.

Vibrant, Versatile Colors:

Choose from a rainbow of colors to suit any theme or vibe. Soft pastels like blush pink, mint, and lilac capture dreamy romance. Bold primaries including red, sunny yellow, and royal blue make a statement. Metallic shades of gold, silver, and rose gold add glamorous sparkle. With so many options, you can match any event or style.

Endless Creative Uses:

The design potential is truly endless with this versatile tulle. Here are just some of the ways to put it to use:

– Tutus, Skirts & Dresses – Craft whimsical tutus with tiers of tulle. Create ethereal dancer costumes and fairy skirts. Layer it over dresses for a removable full-skirt effect.

– Table Decor – Drape tulle over tables, buffets, or doorways for gorgeous backdrop. Make flower balls and cascades as centerpieces.

– Gift Wrap – Wrap gifts, baskets, and favors in this fabric for an elevated presentation. Tie on with ribbon for a finishing touch.

– Wreaths & Garlands – Craft beautiful wreaths, floral swags, arches and garlands. Mix with flowers and embellishments for unforgettable decor.

– Bows & Rosettes – Craft gorgeous jumbo bows for focal decor. Make mini bows for presents or rosettes for flower crowns.

– And so much more! Use it for costumes, first dance skirts, chair decor, flower balls, backdrop curtains, and any project needing a touch of whimsy.

Hassle-Free Crafting:

Tulle is incredibly user-friendly, making DIY projects stress-free and fun. It cuts smoothly with fabric shears or even regular scissors. The lightweight texture allows for easy draping, tying, bunching and manipulation. Mold it into whatever shapes your creative vision desires!

Luxurious Yet Affordable:

Why scrimp on inferior discount tulle when you can create with the finest? This premium tulle looks and feels luxurious, taking projects up a notch. Yet it comes at a fraction of the price of high-end bridal tulles. Treat yourself to quality while sticking to your wedding or party budget.

With 200 yards of lovely tulle that can be cut to any length, you’ll have plenty left over for future projects. Share extras with friends, or create stunning coordinated decor and accessories in the same colors.

Unlock Your Creativity:

Step up your crafting game with the endless possibilities of Craft and Party Tulle Fabric. Easily whip up elegant projects that look like they came from a high-end specialty shop!


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