Capture Life’s Precious Moments with Plaster Belly Casting Kits


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Treasure your pregnancy by making a plaster belly cast to celebrate the joy of bringing new life into the world. Our 30 pack of plaster cloth gauze bandages contains everything you need to create a professional belly cast right at home.

Each plaster wrap is pre-cut into 4 inch wide strips that are 5 yards long, providing enough coverage to cast a full pregnant belly. The bandages are individually sealed in waterproof pouches that keep the material fresh until you’re ready to use them.

Safe, Easy Belly Casting for Expecting Mothers

Capture the beautiful changing shape of pregnancy with our safe, easy-to-use plaster belly casting kits. The plaster-infused bandages simply need to be soaked in water for 5 seconds to activate the plaster before applying them to skin.

The medical-grade, high quality plaster cloth contains more plaster per square inch to ensure a thick, strong cast when wet. It molds perfectly to create a flawless cast every time.

Within 3-5 minutes, the plaster will set up firmly to capture every curve and detail of a pregnant belly. It’s the perfect way for expecting mothers to celebrate the journey of pregnancy and remember the magical time leading up to birth.

Once complete, plaster belly casts can be personalized by writing notes or having loved ones sign them. They also make stunning displays in a nursery when complete.

Versatile Plaster Cloth Bandages for Arts, Crafts and More

In addition to belly casting, our plaster cloth rolls have many versatile uses for art, crafts, school projects, and more! The moldable bandages can be used to:

  • Create stunning plaster mask casts of faces
  • Form perfectly fitted armor, props and costume pieces for cosplay
  • Construct models, architectural shapes and scenery for school projects and model making
  • Pour or drape over shaped molds, armatures, wire frames or any solid base
  • Make crafty home décor items like bowls, vases, wall art and more

The possibilities are endless when working with our easy molding, setting and shaping plaster cloth gauze rolls!

Tips for Working with Plaster Bandages

To ensure your plaster crafts come out perfectly every time, follow these tips:

– Soak each strip in water for 5 seconds to activate the plaster before applying
– Work quickly, completing the application in 3-8 minutes before plaster sets
– Allow plaster 5 minutes to fully set and cure before handling the finished piece
– Once cured, casts can be sanded, painted, decorated and sealed for longer life

High Quality Plaster Bandages for All Your Casting Needs

Our large 30 pack of plaster cloth rolls is perfect for big belly casting projects or to keep your craft room fully stocked. The individually sealed pouches prevent moisture exposure so the bandages stay fresh.

Capture precious memories, create beautiful art, and craft imaginative new shapes with our versatile plaster cloth rolls. Let your creativity run wild with the possibilities of plaster casting and shaping!


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