Butarfe Natural Burlap Fabric – 5 Yards of 39″ Wide Premium Jute Liner – Biodegradable and Reusable Cloth for Gardening, Decor, Crafts & DIY Projects


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Discover the versatility and durability of Butarfe natural burlap fabric! This eco-friendly 5 yard roll is crafted from biodegradable jute fiber that’s ideal for everything from agriculture and storage to decorative crafts and events.

Premium 39″ Wide Burlap Fabric

This roll contains 5 yards of premium burlap fabric measuring 39 inches wide. The natural jute material has an open, breathable weave and pleasing natural tan color. It’s thicker and more durable than cheaper burlap on the market.

You’ll love the quality and versatility of this fabric! Its traditional open weave allows excellent airflow and absorption. Use it to line planters and baskets, bundle dried flowers or wrap glassware for protection.

100% Natural & Biodegradable Jute Fiber

Our burlap is woven from 100% natural jute fiber with no synthetic materials. Jute fiber comes from the stalk of the jute plant, which is native to warm regions of Asia. It’s one of the most environmentally friendly fabric options since jute is biodegradable and recyclable.

This renewable resource is naturally strong and durable. Our jute burlap is designed to be reused over and over again for various projects and storage needs. And when it reaches the end of its lifespan, it will completely biodegrade without leaving behind harmful waste.

Breathable Fabric Ideal for Storage & Gardening

The porous open weave allows maximum airflow circulation. This makes it perfect for produce storage! Wrap fruits, vegetables and flowers in our jute burlap to help extend freshness. The breathability prevents moisture buildup and decay.

Use this fabric to line planters and containers for proper drainage. Place burlap sacks and pouches of potpourri around the house for a natural scent. Even compost bags, pet bedding and eco-friendly wrapping benefit from the breathability of our burlap.

Endless Crafting & Decor Options

With 5 yards of fabric to work with, let your creativity run wild with decorative projects!

– Make table runners, placemats, napkins and table overlays for a natural farmhouse style

– Use it to cover display boards for a rustic backdrop for parties, weddings and events

– Craft luminary bags, banners, bunting garlands and other homemade decorations

– Fashion tote bags, pillow covers, pet toys and children’s dress-up accessories

– Upcycle glassware, vases, lamps, frames and more by wrapping in burlap

– Stitch simple throw blankets, rugs, rag quilts and upholstery accents like chair ties

– Shape it into wreaths, garlands and bows for charming holiday decorations

Easy to Cut, Sew and Shape

This burlap fabric is designed for DIY ease. It cuts cleanly with household scissors, so you can create pieces of any size you need. The material also sews up nicely by hand or machine without excessive fraying or tearing.

Gather, pleat and shape the burlap using stitches, staples, tape or craft glue. Make decorative fringes along the edges for a finishing touch. Add lace, ribbon, rickrack and other embellishments to customize your projects.

Superior Quality Jute Burlap

While cheaper burlap fabric is thin and prone to holes, our jute liner is made from high quality natural fiber. It has superior density and thickness for enhanced durability and longevity even with heavy use.

The tightly woven construction gives this burlap excellent strength for everything from wrapping fragile items to hauling heavy garden soil and rocks. And it retains its integrity through repeated laundering so it can serve all your needs season after season.

Versatile Natural Fabric from Butarfe

This premium jute burlap from Butarfe offers amazing bang for your buck. The 5 yard roll gives you an abundant supply for every gardening, storage, crafting and decor need around your home.

Order your roll today and enjoy this strong, breathable and sustainable fabric for years to come!


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