Bring Sesame Friend Street to Life with These Fun and Festive 12-Inch Character Pompoms




Welcome your guests to a colorful celebration filled with joy and imagination with this lively set of jumbo Sesame Friend Street character pompom decorations! With five distinct designs featuring Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch and Abby, these vibrant honeycomb decorations will transform any space into an inviting Sesame Friend Street wonderland.

This party decor set includes 17 pieces total so you can decorate every corner! You’ll receive 5 pompoms in red, blue, yellow, pink and green, each measuring an impressive 12 inches in diameter. The pompoms feature clear images of each beloved character’s face, bringing them to life in vivid color and detail. To complement the pompoms, you’ll also get 5 character face cutouts, 5 rolls of string to hang the decorations, and 2 sheets of double-sided adhesive dots for securing. With this variety, you can get creative in displaying the pompoms however you’d like!

These joyful Sesame Friend Street honeycombs will infuse your party with energy, fun and smiles! Use them to transform any space, whether it’s your child’s birthday party, baby shower, or any kind of themed celebration. Hang them from ceilings and walls as a backdrop to liven up the venue. Or place them in the center of tables as eye-catching centerpieces surrounded by smaller decorations and treats. However you display them, these 12-inch pompoms are sure to delight guests and bring your party theme to life.

Here are some ways you can use these versatile giant pompoms to decorate:

  • Hang them up high to create a colorful honeycomb backdrop for photos
  • Line stair railings or entranceways with pompoms in a rainbow of colors
  • Tie bundles of balloons to the pompoms for extra whimsy and height
  • Display pompoms on walls, doors or ledges for a pop of brightness
  • Layer the pompoms at varying heights on a focal wall

With five unique designs included, you can either display all the characters together for a lively Sesame Friend Street collage, or use the individual pompoms to decorate different areas. Elmo’s bright red pompom will add cheerful energy wherever you place it. Hang Big Bird’s sunny yellow pompom by doorways to happily greet guests. Use Abby’s pink pompom as a sweet focal point on a gift table. Let Oscar the Grouch’s green pompom add character to a photo booth wall. And highlight desserts and sweets with Cookie Monster’s playful blue pompom.

However you choose to use them, these honeycomb decorations are sure to fill your party with the fun, imagination and learning Sesame Friend Street inspires. Their vibrant colors and sheer size, measuring an impressive 12 inches across, ensures your decor makes a huge visual impact. The pompoms are also lightweight and easy to hang, so you can create a sensational Sesame Friend Street-themed space in little time.

With bold designs, versatile uses and easy setup, these giant pompom decorations have everything you need to bring your Sesame Friend Street celebration to life! Transform any space into a vibrant party filled with beloved characters and colors kids and adults adore. The generous set of 17 decor pieces provides endless options for creative and eye-catching displays. Delight guests young and old and make cherished memories at your next Elmo, Cookie Monster or Abby-themed bash with these lively and lovable decorations!

Product Details:

  • Set includes 5 pompoms measuring 12 inches in diameter featuring Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch and Abby Cadabby designs
  • Vibrant and bold colors and character details make a lively statement
  • Versatile decorations to hang, tie, lay flat or stack to decorate any space
  • Use for birthday parties, baby showers, Sesame Friend Street-themed events
  • Includes 5 character face cutouts, 5 rolls of string, and adhesive dots for hanging
  • Lightweight honeycomb design is easy to hang and move around
  • Vibrant colors and giant size create big visual impact
  • Transform your space into a delightful Sesame Friend Street wonderland!

Bring the joy and learning of Sesame Friend Street to life at your next party or event! These colorful and lively pompoms will delight kids and adults alike.


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