Boost Your Artistic Expression with Soucolor’s Vibrant 131-Piece Dual Tip Alcohol Marker Set


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Unlock your inner creativity and produce vivid, professional artwork with Soucolor’s 131-piece dual tip alcohol marker set. This expansive collection features a brilliant spectrum of colors perfect for artists, designers, illustrators, crafters, and anyone who wants to add a burst of color to their projects.

Precision Dual Tips Offer Artistic Versatility

Each marker comes with a chisel tip measuring 1-7mm wide for filling in large areas and a fine 0.7mm tip for precise detail work. Quickly switch between thick, bold strokes and intricate designs with the flip of the marker. The dual tips provide artistic flexibility suitable for adult coloring books, canvas painting, fashion sketching, anime drawing, comic design, product rendering, and any other colorful medium your imagination takes you.

Vibrant, Blendable, Permanent Color

These alcohol-based markers deliver pure, vivid pigment that dries permanent on paper. The colors are highly blendable, allowing you to seamlessly transition between hues or create gradients, textures, and layered effects. The professional ink flows smoothly without skipping or leaving streaks. It dries quickly without smudging or bleeding through paper.

Organized Storage for Easy Transport

The markers come neatly organized in a sturdy box with cubed slots that keeps them protected and upright. The included elastic pen holders neatly arrange your marker sets for organized use. Everything fits compactly together for easy storage and portability. Take your markers to workshops, classes, or exhibitions without worrying about misplaced colors or messy spills.

Designed for Comfort and Control

An ergonomic, triangular barrel provides a comfortable, balanced grip that gives you precise control over your strokes. The tip is scratch-resistant and durable enough for heavy use without fraying or deforming. Create effortlessly without hand strain even during long coloring sessions. A transparent chamber allows you to quickly ID and grab the right color.

Safe and Non-Toxic

The markers use high-quality, non-toxic alcohol ink approved for arts and crafts use. They are odorless and meet ASTM safety standards for children and adults. Use them for adult coloring books, school and art projects, crafting, manga/comic design, and more without worry.

Experience the Soucolor Spectrum

Boost your artistic capabilities with a wealth of vibrant colors:

Primary Colors – Vivid red, blue, and yellow for mixing additional hues

Bright Neons – Electrifying pink, orange, green, and more make designs pop

Rich Earth Tones – Deep shades of brown, taupe, tan, and bronze

Cool Tones – Soothing shades of blue, purple, grey, and black

Warm Tones – Fiery reds, oranges, magentas, and yellows

Neutral Tones – Essential blacks, browns, greys, and whites

Metallic Accents – Shimmering gold, silver, copper, and pewter

Skin Tones – Diverse fair, medium, dark, and metallic skin shades

Mix, blend, and experiment with a versatile palette suitable for any artistic need. Achieve the exact hue, tint, or tone you desire.

Designed for Artists of All Levels

Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting out, Soucolor’s alcohol marker set has you covered. The selection provides a range of commonly used colors for basic projects while offering specialty shades to help more advanced artists take their work to the next level.

The dual tips make blending and detail work accessible for beginners while also providing the control needed for precision pieces. Their high-quality ink flows smoothly across good and lower-quality paper so crafters and students can achieve vivid colors without spending a lot on supplies.

Unlock Your Creative Potential

Step up your artistic game with Soucolor’s brilliant 131-piece dual tip alcohol marker set. The versatile nibs, vibrant permanent colors, and organized storage provide everything you need to create dazzling works of art. Color inside or outside the lines with precision, ease, and confidence.


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