Block Your Knitting & Crochet Creations to Perfection with These Premium Stainless Steel Blocking Pins!


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Blocking is a critical final step for knit and crochet projects. Proper blocking gives your stitchwork the polished, professional finish that shows off your hard work and creativity.

But it can be frustrating when flimsy blocking pins bend and break, failing to hold your pieces in place. You need sturdy, reliable pins that will hold up through repeated blocking projects.

That’s why these stainless steel blocking pins are a knitter’s secret weapon for perfectly blocked finished pieces every time!

Built Sturdy for Blocking Durability

The pins in this 40 piece set are constructed from high quality 304 stainless steel for maximum durability. The steel is polished to a smooth finish that won’t snag delicate yarns or fibers.

The pins are 3mm in diameter – thick enough for strength but still slim for easily sliding through stitchwork. Pointed pinheads pierce fabric firmly without damage. And the steel construction ensures these straight, strong pins won’t bend, break or rust over time and repeated use.

Sturdy construction means you can apply the stretching and shaping needed to properly block your pieces. The steel pins hold fast in blocking boards or mats keeping your work locked in the correct finished dimensions.

2 Versatile Size Options

This handy kit includes two versatile pin sizes so you can block projects large and small.

20 pins are 3.93 inches long – perfect for blocking gloves, socks, sleeves and other small to mid-sized projects.

The other 20 pins measure 5.9 inches in length. Use these longer pins for blocking larger pieces like blankets,sweaters, scarves, shawls and afghans.

Having both sizes on hand means you’re prepared to block finished pieces of any size for a flawless finish.

Built for Smooth Insertion & Removal

Blocking goes smoother when pins easily slide in and out of projects.

The straight steel construction and smoothly polished finish means these pins insert into stitching with little effort. Pointed pinheads pierce fabric without snagging or damaging delicate fibers.

Rounded pin caps allow for easy non-damaging removal. No more struggling with pins stuck in projects! Just slide them out with no pulling on or distortion of your hard work.

The 3mm diameter is slim enough to move through stitchwork easily but still thick enough for a firm hold.

Holds Shape Without Bending

Flimsy pins that bend under pressure are the enemy of perfectly blocked projects.

The thick 304 stainless steel construction gives these blocking pins superior strength. They won’t bend, warp or break even when applying the stretching and shaping needed for ideal blocking.

Sturdy steel pins hold their shape and your projects in place as long as needed for complete drying and shaping. No more pin curling failures leading to misshapen blocking!

You can block confidently knowing these straight, strong pins will hold shape and support your work properly.

Rust-Resistant for Lasting Performance

Steel is notoriously prone to corrosion and rusting over time. But not these stainless steel blocking pins!

The 304 stainless steel composition resists rust and corrosion. Pins maintain their smooth surface and structural integrity through repeated soakings required in wet blocking techniques.

No more ugly rust stains ruining your projects! The rust-resistant steel keeps pins looking like new after many uses. Plus stainless steel won’t degrade or weaken from exposure to water.

You can block and re-block pieces knowing these durable, rust-proof pins will hold up over years of reliable use.

Secure Storage Case Included

Hunting for missing pins wastes precious blocking time! Keep all 40 blocking pins organized and protected with the included plastic storage case.

The yellow lidded case keeps unused pins safely contained and debris-free. The compartments are perfectly sized to allow easy access and pins won’t tangle.

Pop the lid open, grab pins as needed, then return them to the case for quick cleanup and storage. No more crawling around looking for dropped pins!

Case included ensures you always have your pin set neat, organized and ready to block your next masterpiece.

Must-Have Accessory for Knitters & Crocheters

Proper blocking makes the difference between craft projects that look homemade vs ones with a couture finish.

These stainless steel pins are specifically designed to hold up to the stretching and shaping needed to take projects from homemade to high-end.

The two length options ensure you can properly block pieces both large and small. Smooth steel easily slides into place without snagging or damaging work. And sturdy construction means pins stay firmly in place until blocking is complete.

For knitting, crochet, and other needle arts, this versatile 40-piece blocking pin set is a must-have accessory for perfectly blocked finished pieces!

Premium Pins Make the Perfect Gift

Make a fellow knitter or crocheter smile with the gift of easy, successful blocking!

These high-quality stainless steel blocking pins are sure to impress any needlework enthusiast. They’ll think of your gift each time they block another project to professional perfection.

They’re great for birthdays, holidays, Mother’s Day, knitting groups and more. Wrap them up for the stitcher in your life! Or drop the hint that you need them to take your projects to the next level.

With 40 sturdy, rust-resistant pins, this set equips stitchers for perfectly blocked projects that showcase their skill and creativity. It’s the gift that keeps giving project after project!

Take Your Stitchwork from Homemade to High Fashion!

Don’t settle for homemade results when your knitting and crochet skills deserve couture quality finishes.

With this complete set of premium stainless steel blocking pins, you can shape and stretch your pieces into professional perfection.

No more flimsy pins and misshapen blocking! Proper pins make proper blocking easy.

Show off your stitching skills with exquisitely blocked finishes worthy of fine apparel. Your friends and family will be amazed at the transformation simple blocking makes.

Let these sturdy, reliable pins help you bring out the full beauty and detail in all your stitchwork. Elevate your projects from homemade to high fashion with perfect blocking every time!


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