BEIFUMEI 60-Slot Diamond Painting Storage Case – The Ultimate Organizer for All Your Sparkling Supplies


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Treat your glimmering gems to the storage they deserve with the BEIFUMEI Diamond Painting Storage Case. This deluxe organizer provides a home for 60 bottles of rhinestones, sequins, beads, diamonds, and more, keeping your shining treasures tidy and easy to find.

360 Degrees of Dazzling Organization

The BEIFUMEI case simplifies your sparkly storage with 60 foam-based slots sized to fit standard diamond bottles. The sturdy structure protects your gems and prevents spills while giving you a clear view of each bottle’s contents. No more digging around in overflowing containers trying to locate the perfect embellishment!

An additional mesh pocket organizer on the inside of the lid stores pens, tweezers, glue dots, wax patties, and other essential diamond painting tools. With a designated spot for each supply, you’ll always know just where to find what you need.

Portable Storage for Painting on the Go

The BEIFUMEI case’s compact handbag design with a two-way zipper makes it easy to take your diamonds, drills, and tools anywhere inspiration strikes. Keep all your supplies together in one organized carrier so you can work on paintings, crafts, or jewelry projects in the car, on vacation, or wherever you roam.

The Complete Diamond Painting Toolkit

Along with the storage case, you’ll receive a set of must-have diamond painting accessories:

– 60 clear plastic storage bottles with screw-top lids to keep each color separate
– Resin drill pen for precise diamond placement
– Plastic tray for organizing drills while you work
– Correction tool for lifting misplaced diamonds
– Tweezers for precise positioning
– 10 wax patties to keep drills in place
– Drill pen grip helpers for comfort while you paint
– Glue dots for adhering canvases and completed paintings
– Diamond picker pen tips to grab those tiny embellishments
– Funnel for neatly filling bottles
– Mesh baggies for unused drills
– Anti-slip mats to hold your canvas in place

With this all-inclusive kit, you’ll have everything required to complete your sparkling masterpieces in comfort.

Customizable Storage for All Your Treasures

The versatile slots and mesh pockets aren’t just for diamond painting supplies! This storage case is also ideal for organizing scrapbooking embellishments, jewelry making findings, nail art decorations, and any other small treasures. Use it to tidy up your craft room or gift it to a crafty friend.

Let Your Creativity Shine

Fill each bottle with a different color and watch your jewelry box transform into a rainbow of glittering potential. Or sort embellishments by type, keeping beads, rhinestones, and charms together for easy mixing and matching in your designs. It’s up to you – the possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

Designed for Painting with Loved Ones

The multi-person capacity means you can enjoy creating diamond art alongside friends and family. Bond with your daughter while crafting a sparkling unicorn painting or make memories with your mom designing bejeweled holiday ornaments.

Take Your Glamour on the Go

The BEIFUMEI case’s compact, portable design makes it easy to take your crafting on the road. Paint in the car, create beachside art vacations, work on your jewel-toned owl painting from your hotel room, or craft the hours away on a long flight. Wherever wanderlust takes you, your diamonds go too with this diamond painting travel case.

Handbag Style Meets Craft Room Function

With its stylish design, the BEIFUMEI case complements your fashion sense as much as your organizational skills. The glittering pattern brings a touch of chic style to any craft room or studio. Carry it by the convenient handle or use the removable shoulder strap to keep your hands free.

Superior Quality Assured

Constructed from durable and flexible EVA material, the BEIFUMEI case provides long-lasting protection for your precious gems and tools. The secure two-way zipper keeps contents securely contained while the sturdy handbag structure prevents crushing or damage.

Give Your Diamonds the Home They Deserve

Treat yourself and your sparkling treasures to the storage solution you’ve been seeking. No more cluttered containers or digging for buried embellishments. With the BEIFUMEI Diamond Painting Storage Case, you’ll always know right where to find every shining diamond, jewel, bead, and bauble, so you can instantly transform inspiration into beauty.


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