Beech Wood Scroll Frame for Needlepoint and Embroidery


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Tired of struggling to keep your embroidery fabric taut while you work? This sturdy beech wood scroll frame from Craft Haven is the answer for frustration-free needlepoint, cross stitch, punch needle, and quilting projects up to 18.1 x 11.2 inches.

Keep Fabric Tight for Flawless Stitches

The smooth wooden scroll bars securely grip fabric between the rails to prevent sagging, distortion, or loose stitches. No more poking fingers with fabric hoops! Plastic clips hold your textile taut while you embroider, but release without damage when the project is complete.

Beech wood sanded to perfection glides smoothly when you advance your design. At 1.4 inches wide, the rails offer ample surface area to evenly stretch fabric without tear risk. Your stitches will be neat, even, and consistent when the ground is pulled tight.

Generous 18.1 x 11.2 Inch Working Area

The large scroll frame can accommodate projects up to 16.5 x 9 inches including:

  • Tapestry wall hangings
  • Decorative quilt blocks
  • Landscape scenes
  • Pet portraits
  • Botanical patterns
  • Scripture verses
  • Family record embroidery
  • Reproduction antique samplers

Ideal for both beginner and advanced crafters tackling substantial designs that are difficult in traditional hoops. No need to reposition a small hoop when stitching a big piece.

Premium Beech Wood Construction

Craft Haven selects top grade solid beech from managed European forests. It machines smoothly and accepts finishes beautifully. The sanded rails won’t snag threads or damage fabric.

Beech wood is valued for strength, durability, and stability. It maintains the tension adjustment through your whole project without loosening or warping. Air dried planks prevent cracking or checking for heirloom longevity.

Flexible Clips Protect Fabric

Plastic scroll frame clips secure your fabric but won’t leave creases like hoops. The spring-loaded design applies even pressure across the entire surface so the fabric remains taut.

Clips firmly grip the edges while you work, but lift out easily when the project is complete without damaging or distorting textiles. No more hoop imprints marring your handicraft!

Ergonomic Design Minimizes Fatigue

The 1.4 inch rail depth provides a comfortable grip that reduces hand strain. Larger projects exert more tension on hands wrestling a tiny hoop. The wide scroll bars distribute that force for easier manipulation.

Beech wood sanded to satiny perfection won’t irritate skin during extended stitching sessions. The smooth polish prevents snags, cracks, and splinters while you stitch for hours.

Makes an Ideal Gift for Stitchers

Surprise your favorite embroiderer, quilter or cross stitch fanatic with this high quality scroll frame. Novices learning on small hoops quickly outgrow them tackling bigger designs. The large capacity makes an ideal gift for a beginner advancing skills or seasoned veteran creating intricate needle art.

Present it for birthdays, holidays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, or just because! It shows you support their artistic passion and want to help them progress.

Love Your Projects Again!

Ditch frustrations and create your needlework visions without limitations using this Craft Haven scroll frame. No more struggling to baste oversized designs or settling for hoop imprints marring your work!

Product Specifications:

  • Frame dimensions: 18.1″ x 11.2″
  • Working area: Approx. 16.5″ x 9″
  • Rail width: 1.4″
  • Wood type: Solid European beech
  • Clips: Flexible plastic with fabric protector
  • Weight: 1 lb

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