Artowell Walnut Wooden Yarn Spinner – A Must-Have for Knitting and Crocheting Enthusiasts


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Tired of yarn constantly getting tangled and unraveling while you knit or crochet? Introducing the Artowell Walnut Wooden Yarn Spinner, the ultimate solution for keeping your yarn neat and organized as you craft. This brilliantly designed yarn holder features a smooth rotating spool that effortlessly spins to dispense yarn while preventing annoying snarls and knots.

Crafted from high quality solid walnut wood and stainless steel hardware, this yarn spindle holder has a classic style that looks beautiful displayed on any table or bookshelf. The rich walnut grain not only looks elegant, but gives this holder durability to last through years of knitting and crochet projects.

Key Features:

  • Made of natural walnut wood and stainless steel hardware
  • Rotating spool smoothly spins to dispense yarn and prevent tangling
  • Holds standard 6 inch yarn skeins up to 320g
  • Strong neodymium magnet keeps spool securely in place
  • Detachable spool for easy yarn loading and transport
  • Assembles in minutes with just 2 screws
  • Compact 10″ height fits conveniently on tabletops

This wooden yarn spinner is thoughtfully designed to make knitting and crocheting easier and more enjoyable:

Prevents Yarn Tangling

Simply secure your skein of yarn onto the holder’s smooth spool. As you knit or crochet, gently pull the end of the yarn to rotate the spool and effortlessly feed more yarn. The constant light tension prevents yarn from unraveling, tangling, or knotting up.

Holds Yarn Securely In Place

A powerful neodymium magnet inside the rotating spool creates a strong connection to the frame, keeping the spool firmly positioned as yarn feeds out. No more runaway spools or tipping stands! The magnet holds steadily even when pulling tightly on the yarn.

Quick & Easy to Load Yarn

Loading a new skein takes just seconds. Remove the spool, wind on your yarn, and pop the spool back into place. The spool detaches and reattaches smoothly each time thanks to the ultra strong magnet.

Compact Size

Measuring just 10 inches tall, this yarn holder has a footprint small enough to sit right on your coffee table, side table, desk, or workstation. The vertical design saves space and keeps your knitting area neat and organized.

High Quality Construction

Expertly crafted using 100% natural walnut wood and finished with non-toxic paint, this holder has a smooth sanded surface free from splinters. The all-wood frame gives it a timeless style to match any decor. Durable stainless steel hardware ensures the moving parts will last through years of crafting.

Whether knitting is your hobby, passion, or profession, the Artowell Walnut Wooden Yarn Spinner is your must-have accessory. Get the perfect tension on your yarn for stitching that’s frustration-free. This thoughtfully designed tool will make your knitting and crocheting faster, easier, and more enjoyable. A beautiful addition to your craft room and an amazing gift for the knitter in your life!


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