Artists Manikin Posable Drawing Figures – Jointed Male & Female Mannequins for Sketching Painting Model Reference – 10pc Anime Action Figure Set


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Bring your artwork to life with this 10 piece posable manikin figure set, perfect for artists looking for anatomy and pose references.

The set includes 1 male and 1 female jointed artist manikin figure, 2 brackets to hold your figures, 2 storage boxes to keep them safe, and various interchangeable hands and feet.

The poseable figures can be adjusted into endless gestures and stances to inspire your sketching, drawing, painting, manga, animation, photography and more!

Versatile Posable Drawing Figures

These anime-inspired figures are designed with movable joints that offer great freedom of movement. Bend, twist and pose the arms, legs and head to create exactly the right shape and form you need for your art.

The smooth plastic material holds its shape while remaining flexible. Easily mold the figures into dynamic standing, sitting, reaching or running poses.

Have the male and female model hold hands, act out a scene or even dance together! The creative possibilities are endless.

Practice Anatomy, Proportion and Perspective

Having poseable figures on hand makes it easy to practice depicting the human form from varying perspectives and proportions.

Sketch or paint the models from close-up or far away. Observe how the joints, muscles and clothing drape and wrinkle when holding different positions.

The articulate figures have just enough detail to be anatomically useful for honing your life drawing, proportion and perspective skills.

Handy Desktop Companions

The included plastic brackets allow you to securely mount the figures on a desktop, easel or anywhere convenient. Adjust their pose and have a reference model ready in an instant.

Two plastic storage boxes are also included to keep the figures and detachable hands/feet organized when not in use.

At just 5-6 inches tall, these drawing manikin figures are perfectly sized for desktop companionship. Their small footprint keeps them readily available for spontaneous creativity while remaining unobtrusive.

Endless Inspiration for Artists

Expand beyond boring busts and static models. These jointed figures can recreate natural poses from life to inject energy and dynamism into your work.

Use them to supplement life drawing sessions, develop engaging scenes with a narrative, or invent new poses and action shots.

They’re ideal for illustrators, comic artists, animators, manga/anime artists, doll customizers and any creatives who visualize the human form.

Fun Additions to Your Creative Space

Inject some visual fun into your studio or workspace. Pose the figures acting out dramatic scenes, playing sports or just striking silly poses.

Display them solo or group them together. Customize them with cool outfits or props. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

These figures aren’t just drawing aids – they also serve as delightful fidget toys and creative inspiration every time you glance their way.

Premium Quality Plastic Material

Constructed with durable PVC plastic, these figures are built to maintain their poseability and withstand frequent handling and adjusting during practice sessions.

The figures feature hand-painted details and subtle texture for an aesthetically pleasing reference tool you’ll be proud to display.

Perfect for All Skill Levels

Whether you’re a beginner looking to sharpen your skills or a seasoned pro developing complex scenes, these jointed manikins are a great addition to your artistic toolkit.

Kids and adults alike will find these poseable figures engaging for everything from quick gesture sketches to long form works.

Designed for Artists by Artists

Developed specifically with artists in mind, these articulated manikins will assist in unlocking your unique creative vision.

All the joints, proportions and gestures have been carefully engineered to provide the ideal reference for drawing the human form.

We’re artists too and designed this set to include everything we love – anatomical detail, posability and plenty of accessories.

Bring your drawings and sculptures to the next level with this must-have figure set. Just click Add to Cart to get started!


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