AROIC Jewelry Making Elastic Thread Kit – 4 Spools


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Create stylish bracelets, necklaces and more with this complete stretchy thread set from AROIC. The kit includes 4 versatile spools of durable, transparent 0.7mm elastic beading cord made from polyester and spandex. Strong enough for any project yet supple and stretchy to easily string beads and tie secure knots.

The handy thread won’t fray, resists breaking, and has a smooth texture that won’t snag delicate beads. Two sizes of beading needles allow you to string a variety of bead sizes with ease. A needle bottle keeps tools organized and prevents losing needles.

This jewelry making thread stretches to fit most wrist sizes for bracelets and neck circumferences for necklaces. Easy to work with for beginners and advanced jewelry makers alike. Craft chic layered bracelet stacks, handmade gemstone necklaces, bead weaving projects and more! A fantastic value, the AROIC elastic beading thread set has everything you need to create fashionable handmade jewelry designs.


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