Add A Touch of Luxury to Your DIY Projects with These Soft and Supple Faux Leather Sheets


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Give your arts, crafts, and DIY projects a high-end look and feel with this set of 12 faux leather sheets. These soft and supple sheets mimic the texture and drape of genuine leather, allowing you to create stylish accessories, home décor, clothing, and more at a fraction of the cost.

Luxurious Look and Feel Without the High Price Tag

Crafting with real leather can get expensive quickly. This faux leather set provides a budget-friendly alternative without sacrificing aesthetics or quality. Each sheet has a slight grain and sheen that convincingly resembles genuine leather. But unlike the real thing, these faux leather sheets are incredibly easy to cut, shape, and work with.

Ideal for All Types of DIY Projects and Crafts

With 12 sheets in a versatile 8″ x 12″ size, the creative possibilities are endless. Here are just some ideas to get your DIY juices flowing:

  • Make chic leather earrings, hair clips, headbands, bracelets, keychains and more
  • Sew stunning handbags, wallets, phone cases, pencil cases, cosmetics bags
  • Create stylish home décor like throw pillows, lampshades, coasters, wall hangings
  • Fashion leather bookmarks, notebooks, journals, portfolios
  • Add leather accents to clothing like jackets, hats, shoes

12 Vibrant Colors to Match Any Project

This faux leather set includes 12 different colors so you can always find the perfect hue for your project vision.

The 8 neutral earth tones work well for classic leather goods with a timeless look. Choose warm brown or dark brown sheets for a traditional feel. Opt for light beige or tan sheets when you want a modern twist. The grey, black, and white faux leather sheets offer even more neutral options.

Make your DIY creations pop with the 4 bold accent colors. Punch up the visual interest with bright red or vivid blue sheets. Turn up the vibrance with eye-catching green or cheerful pink faux leather.

With this wide color selection, it’s easy to find a complementary or contrasting shade for any craft, accessory, or décor piece you’re making.

High-Quality PU Leather with Cotton Backing

These faux leather sheets are crafted from durable, high-quality PU leather. It provides the supple drape and buttery smooth feel of genuine leather, while being more affordable and easier to work with.

The PU leather has a matte finish, reminiscent of beautiful suede. But it’s thicker and more hard-wearing than real suede.

The back of each faux leather sheet features a cotton backing. This offers stability for sewing projects and prevents stretching or warping. The cotton backing also makes the PU leather easier to cut and shape as needed.

Tips and Tricks for Working with Faux Leather

Cutting: Use a rotary blade, utility knife, or scissors to cut smooth edges. Place a cutting mat underneath to prevent damaging your work surface.

Edge Finishing: Consider edge finishing techniques like stitching, riveting, or adding edge paint. This helps the faux leather hold its shape and prevents fraying.

Gluing: Opt for fabric glue or epoxy when adhering faux leather. Apply a thin layer for the best hold.

Painting: Faux leather can be painted with acrylics or fabric paints. Be sure to seal the paint afterward for durability.

Heat Setting: Use a heat gun on a low setting or iron on medium heat to manipulate the faux leather shape.

Cleaning: Wipe with a damp cloth. Avoid soaking faux leather and limit use of cleaners.

With the right tools and techniques, these faux leather sheets are a pleasure to DIY with. Let your creativity run wild!

Beautiful Faux Leather Sheets for Crafters of All Levels

Even if you’re new to leatherworking, you’ll find these faux leather sheets easy to handle. The PU leather cuts smoothly and conforms well to whatever shape you need. With a dozen color options, you can experiment and find your favorite hues for future projects.

Whether you’re an experienced leather crafter looking for high-quality faux leather or a beginner wanting to try the material for the first time, this set has you covered. The sheets are thin enough for detail work yet thick enough for durability. Plus the 8” x 12” size gives you ample area to work on small or large projects.

Bring the luxurious look and feel of leather to your DIY endeavors without the high price tag. This quality faux leather set has all the features you need to take your arts, crafts, sewing, and more to the next level.


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