Add A Splash of Color with 60Pcs Felt Fabric Sheets 4×4 inch – DIY Craft Felt for Crafting, Decorating, School Projects


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Bring your arts and crafts projects to life with this vibrant pack of 60 felt fabric sheets! With 40 assorted colors to choose from, these high-quality felt pieces allow you to easily add pops of color to decorative pieces, school projects, scrapbooks, bulletin boards, and so much more.

Vibrant Felt in a Rainbow of Colors

This pack includes 60 felt squares measuring 4 x 4 inches (10cm x 10cm) and 1mm thick. With 10 sheets each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white, you’ll have plenty of options for mixing and matching to find your perfect color combinations. An additional 20 multicolor sheets provide even more variety.

The felt fabric features a tightly woven construction of soft yet durable polyester and acrylic fibers. Each sheet has a flexible texture that’s easy to cut into any shape without fraying. The vivid dyes ensure the colors remain bright and resistant to fading over time.

Limitless Possibilities for Arts, Crafts & More

Young crafters will love using these colorful squares of felt for DIY projects. Teachers and parents can use them for arts and crafts, decorating bulletin boards, making puppets, and more. Some fun ways to use these versatile felt sheets include:

  • Sewing felt critters, dolls or plush shapes
  • Adding scenery, buildings, roads to model train layouts
  • Making decorative bows, flowers, leaves, butterflies
  • Crafting finger puppets or stick puppets
  • Cutting out letters and numbers for educational games
  • Creating costumes, masks, capes for dress up play
  • Filling basket templates to make Easter egg baskets
  • Designing holiday tree skirts, ornaments, and stockings

With a bit of imagination, the possibilities are endless! Both kids and adults will enjoy exercising their creativity with this vibrant assortment of colored felt.

High-Quality Felt Fabric

These mini felt sheets are crafted from a non-woven blend of soft polyester and acrylic fibers. The durable felt has an appealing flexibility that makes it easy to cut shapes with scissors or small craft blades. Since it doesn’t fray, the cut edges remain neat and clean.

The tightly woven felt has enough weight to hold its shape, yet remains easy to sew by hand or machine. You can attach pieces using fabric glue, hot glue, or by simply stitching them together. The smooth surface also makes it simple to add embellishments like sequins, beads, buttons, and more.

Once your project is complete, the vivid dyes ensure the colors stay bright wash after wash. This fade-resistant felt is built to last through countless hours of creative play and projects.

Convenient Craft Supply for School & Home

Teachers love having these small sheets of felt on hand for arts and crafts activities all year long. They’re the perfect size for little hands to work with independently at desks or stations. At home, these mini felt pieces make it easy for kids to grab the exact color they need for DIY projects without wasting large pieces.

Scrapbookers appreciate the color selection for mounting photos and journaling. Crafters enjoy decorating baskets, frames, wreaths and other home accents with these small punches of color. Sewists can combine them to whip up stuffed animals, dolls, hangings and more in any color palette they choose!

Add A Splash of Color Anywhere

Bring your DIY projects to life with bold, beautiful color. With 60 felt squares in a rainbow of versatile shades, you can easily add eye-catching style to:

  • Toys & Plush Animals
  • Dolls & Doll Clothes
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Costumes & Dress Up Clothes
  • Bulletin Boards & Wall Decor
  • Scrapbook Pages & Cards
  • Wreaths, Garlands & Flowers
  • Basket Filling & Eggs
  • And so much more!

Give your crafts a boost of color with this vibrant pack of 60 high-quality felt squares. With their tightly woven polyester/acrylic fabric and fade-resistant dyes, these miniature felt sheets are ready to bring any arts and crafts project to life!


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