500 Piece Floral Printed Cotton Fabric Squares for DIY Quilting, Sewing Crafts and Clothing Accessories




Add a pop of color and creativity to your next quilting, sewing or craft project with this set of 500 precut 4 x 4 inch cotton fabric squares. With a variety of gorgeous floral prints, these fabric bundles are perfect for quilting, making clothing, home decor items, accessories and more.

The 500 piece set includes a wonderful assortment of colorful floral cotton fabrics. The patterns and designs range from large blooms to tiny floral prints in brilliant colors like coral, teal, purple, yellow and more on white, black or pastel grounds. The patterns are unique and differ from square to square to add beautiful texture, depth and visual interest to your finished project.

The 100% cotton construction ensures these fabric squares are soft, breathable and comfortable to work with. Cotton is durable and retains vibrancy and color even after washing. It does not easily pill or fray, making it ideal for clothing items, quilts, crafts and more. The precut 4 x 4 inch size makes these fabric bundles perfect for patchwork quilting, mini quilts, doll clothes, bags, hair accessories, bookmarks and any other small sewing project you can imagine.

Create Stunning Works of Textile Art

With 500 floral cotton squares to work with, let your creativity run wild! These precut fabric bundles are a quilter’s and seamstress’ dream. Mix and match the patterns and colors to create stunning patchwork quilts, table runners, pillows, wall hangings and more. Sew them together into a quilt or fabric collage piece to display in your home or give as a handmade gift. The possibilities are endless.

The 4 inch size also makes these fabric squares ideal for smaller DIY craft projects. Sew them into pouches, wristlets, coin purses, eye masks, scrunchies, bookmarks, patches and so much more. Use them to add a pop of color and texture to clothing items like jackets, hats, shoes and accessories. Your creations will be as unique as you are!

Designed for Versatility and Convenience

The precut 4 x 4 inch size means these fabric bundles are ready to use right out of the package. You can get started on your project right away without having to cut and prep fabric ahead of time. The coordinating floral patterns also eliminate the challenge of picking fabrics that go together well. You can conveniently make a beautiful patchwork project in no time!

In addition to the perfect sizing, cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to work with. It maintains structure well but has enough drape and flexibility for clothing projects and soft home goods. The vibrant colors and breathable cotton construction also allow you to machine wash your finished projects without damage, fading or shrinkage.

Whether you are an experienced seamstress or just beginning your crafting adventures, these floral cotton quilt squares have you covered. The coordinating prints, convenient precut size and cotton fabric make it simple to turn creativity into reality!

Product Details:

  • Set includes 500 cotton fabric squares
  • Precut into 4 x 4 inch size
  • Assorted floral prints in a variety of colors
  • 100% cotton construction
  • Soft, breathable and comfortable to work with
  • Durable and vibrant – retains color after washing
  • Ideal for quilting, clothing, accessories, crafts and more

Let your imagination flourish with this set of 500 precut floral cotton quilt squares. With pretty patterns, vibrant colors and ultimate convenience, these fabric bundles have everything you need to create beautiful handmade items with ease.


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