37-Pack Retro Decor Washi Tape Set for DIY Crafts and Scrapbooking


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Add a nostalgic touch of vintage charm to your crafts and journals with this set of 37 decorative washi tapes! Featuring a curated collection of retro patterns like florals, butterflies, botanicals, mushrooms and more, these tapes are perfect for crafters and scrapbookers looking to infuse their projects with old-fashioned allure.

With a massive variety of fun prints and multiple widths to choose from, your crafting potential is endless with these vintage-inspired tapes. Read on to discover why this is the ultimate washi tape set for crafty DIYers and planner lovers!

37 Unique Retro & Vintage Washi Tape Designs

This set includes a whopping 37 rolls featuring a thoughtfully curated selection of vintage-look washi tape prints.

Whether you love dainty floral motifs, rustic mushrooms, or regal butterflies, you’ll find patterns to suit your style among this diverse collection.

With themes like classic letters, phonograms, botanicals and more, each vintage design evokes a different nostalgic era and aesthetic. Discover tapes adorned with:

  • Trailing vines, wildflowers, roses, tulips, daffodils and botanical illustrations
  • Butterflies, dragonflies and other winged beauties
  • Mushrooms, leaves and foraged finds
  • Elegant script letters, seals, postmarks and phonograms
  • Classic stripes, polka dots, checks and geometric patterns

Like uncovering treasures in an antique shop, the thrill is finding new favorite prints within this thoughtfully curated vintage collection!

Multiple Widths for Every Project

With washi tapes ranging from petite 5mm to extra wide 75mm sizes, this diverse set equips you for projects both big and small.

The collection includes:

  • 8 rolls 5mm tape – Great for journaling, planners and delicate work
  • 10 rolls 8mm tape – Ideal for scrapbooking and paper crafts
  • 5 rolls 10mm tape – Versatile mid-range size for cards, packaging, and more
  • 10 rolls 15mm tape – Excellent for framing images, gift wrapping and borders
  • 5 rolls 30mm tape – Nice wide size for big, bold statements
  • 3 rolls 75mm tape – Truly jumbo tape for head-turning decor!

With so many width options, you can always find the perfect tape to suit your project. Mix and match to create charming collages, define spaces, accent scrapbook pages, and add eye-catching details.

High Quality Adhesive Tape

While the designs delight, it’s the quality adhesive that makes washi tape so ideal for crafting. This set features a reliable glue formula that adheres firmly while peeling up cleanly.

The tapes won’t damage delicate surfaces, rip paper, or leave sticky residue behind. Yet the adhesive is strong enough to withhold tearing, curling or falling off prematurely.

Made from natural materials like rice and wood pulp, washi offers strength without synthetics or plastics. It’s acid-free as well, meaning it won’t degrade or yellow journal pages over time.

The thin, lightweight nature of the paper makes washi tape ideal for decorating cards and letters without adding bulk. So crafters can feel confident using these tapes for sending masterpieces through the mail!

Endless DIY and Scrapbooking Uses

Let your creativity run wild with these versatile tapes! Here are just some of the ways you can use them:

  • Decorate envelopes, letters, greeting cards and postcards
  • Frame photos, ticket stubs, quotes or snippets in your scrapbook or journal
  • Wrap gifts, packages or favors for a personal handmade touch
  • Make DIY wall art, mobiles, garlands and pom poms to decorate living spaces
  • Label storage boxes, jars, folders and binders
  • Mark thresholds, define spaces or create unique borders on walls
  • Embellish candles, vases, bottles, mirrors and other home decor
  • Make banners, bunting and streamers for parties and celebrations
  • Organize wires, group tools and color code your workspace
  • Customize clothes, shoes, bags and other fabric crafts
  • Upcycle and revamp old objects like trays, fans and lamps

Your vintage-loving heart will flutter with inspiration when exploring these retro washi tape designs!

Beautiful Gift for Crafters and Stationery Lovers

Do you know someone who loves all things vintage, artsy and nostalgic? Treat them to this charming collection of retro washi tape!

Arriving in a special vintage box, this set makes a delightful gift for:

  • Friends who enjoy DIY crafts and scrapbooking
  • Planner addicts who decorate journals and agendas
  • Those furnishing their first home or apartment
  • Teens and tweens exploring their creative side
  • Anyone looking to add a pop of retro flair to their life!

Watch their face light up as they sort through these 37 diverse vintage washi tape rolls. It’s a gift sure to inspire creativity and bring retro joy!

Discover the Art of Washi Tape

Part of washi tape’s appeal is that it’s simple to use, yet totally transformational. Anyone can create showstopping crafts, regardless of experience.

So try your hand rolling, tearing and sticking these tapes to unleash your inner artist. With 37 retro designs to play with, the creative options are endless!

Add vintage vibe to life’s little luxuries – letters, gifts, décor and diaries. With this charming washi tape set, the art is all in the details.


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