18-Pack Unfinished Basswood Sheets – Ultra Thin 1/16″ Wood Pieces for DIY Crafting


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This 18-pack of unfinished basswood sheets provides the ideal thin plywood material for arts, crafts, laser cutting, wood burning, painting, and endless DIY projects.

Ultra Smooth Basswood with Fine, Even Grain

These 1/16-inch thin basswood plywood sheets have a super smooth finish and fine, lightweight grain that makes cutting, engraving, and painting a breeze. Basswood has excellent workability for crafting intricate designs or small parts that need detail. The ultra-thin sheets allow creating delicate shapes for ornaments, jewelry, wall art, models, and more.

Perfectly Sized 6″ x 6″ Wood Pieces

Each basswood sheet measures 6 x 6 inches, providing plenty of space for crafting projects and experiments. The 152 x 152 mm size gives just the right canvas for designing laser cut ornaments, wood burned signs, painted decorations, and handmade gifts. Make one-of-a-kind creations with these blank wood sheets.

Warp-Free and Burr-Free for Easy Crafting

These high-quality unfinished basswood sheets are specially selected to be warp and burr free. The wood surfaces have no blemishes for smooth cutting, painting, burning, and more. No need to waste time sanding – the sheets are ready for your designs! The precision 1.5mm thickness ensures even carving, engraving, and routing.

Vibrant Paint and Stain Finish

The raw wood canvases take any paint, stain, dye, or finish beautifully. Customize the wood grain look or paint bright, solid colors. Use stencils, decals, rubber stamping, or freehand artwork to make the sheets pop. Apply colorful backgrounds then etch designs with a wood burning pen on top.

Laser Cut, Wood Burn, and CNC with Ease

The smooth unfinished basswood is ideal for laser cutting personal designs and text. Program your Cricut or CNC machine to carefully etch intricate patterns into the wood surface. Use a pyrography pen to draw and write by hand, customizing each piece with natural wood burning art.

Endlessly Create Wooden Crafts and Gifts

Make these thin wood sheets into just about any arts, crafts, or DIY project you can dream up! Design ornaments, wall art, jewelry, toys, miniatures, models, home decor, and endless gift ideas. Craft individualized wedding signs and favors using your vinyl cutter, wood burner, laser, paints, and more.

Handmade Gifts from the Heart

Nothing shows love and care like a homemade present. One-of-a-kind basswood creations make heartfelt gifts for any special occasion. Make personalized ornaments with family photos for grandparents. Design meaningful signs, jewelry, and trinkets for weddings and bridal showers. Create special keepsakes for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries.

Fun and Learning for Kids

Let kids create their own masterpieces with these easy, blank basswood sheets. Supervise young children while wood burning letters or shapes. Older kids can design DIY puzzles, games, and more. Discover STEM and art skills with woodworking crafts. Give as personalized, thoughtful gifts from kids to parents and grandparents.

Architectural Modeling Material

The ultra thin 1/16-inch basswood sheets work beautifully for architectural modeling projects. Cut tiny precision parts with a hobby knife or woodworking tools. Assemble into miniature houses, buildings, bridges, and structures. Recreate real-world creations in small scale. Add details like landscaping, people, and vehicles. Makes a wonderful educational STEM activity.

Wooden Model Bodies and Bases

Use these lightweight sheets to hand craft model kit bodies and bases for miniature figures, trains, airplanes, cars, and more. Cut small parts and shapes easily from the smooth wood. Create scenes and dioramas by painting and decorating the custom wood bases. Display finished model kits creatively.

With 18 sheets included, the craft possibilities are endless with this basswood set. Discover the satisfaction of making wooden DIY projects, gifts, and crafts from start to finish!


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