100 Pieces Extra Long 15.7 inch Natural Bamboo Craft Sticks – Versatile Wooden Strips for Arts, Crafts and DIY Projects




Discover the wonder of versatile, eco-friendly bamboo craft sticks! This value pack includes 100 extra long 15.7 inch natural bamboo sticks, providing crafters, artists, and DIY enthusiasts with a sustainable material to let their creativity soar.

Whether you’re looking for sticks to build mini structures, paint and decorate, or use in puppet shows and arts and crafts, these strong yet flexible bamboo strips are ideal. Their smooth, splinter-free surface makes them safe and comfortable for kids and adults to handle.

Natural & Sustainable Bamboo Material

These craft sticks are constructed from 100% natural bamboo, a fast-growing, renewable grass. Bamboo is inherently:

  • Eco-Friendly – Bamboo is praised for its sustainability, releasing 35% more oxygen into the air than trees.
  • Durable – Naturally rigid and dense, bamboo craft sticks are built to last through projects and play.
  • Lightweight – Lighter than many types of wood, bamboo is easy for kids to handle and transport.
  • Flexible – Bamboo can bend and curve without cracking or splintering.
  • Smooth – These sticks have a sanded finish, preventing irritating splinters.

Grown without pesticides, bamboo is a conscientious choice for crafters seeking to reduce their environmental impact. These biodegradable sticks will enrich projects while caring for the planet.

Extra Long 15.7 inch Size

At 15.7 inches in length, these bamboo sticks provide crafters with ample material to construct elaborate projects or cover wide surfaces.

The versatile length allows these sticks to be cut down for smaller crafts or assembled into large structures. Their 0.12 inch thickness provides sturdiness for building while remaining easy for little hands to grip and manipulate.

Whether you need full-length sticks for structuring pirate sword fights or shortened strips for festive banners, these adjustable sticks have you covered.

Endless Crafting & DIY Possibilities

Expand your crafting horizons with these natural bamboo sticks! Their smooth finish invites coloring, painting, and decorating.

Some creative ways to use these versatile sticks include:

  • Building mini bridges, houses, and towns for model railroads
  • Assembling dollhouses, furniture, and playsets
  • Constructing homemade biodegradable planters and plant supports
  • Frame-building for art canvases and sculptures
  • Propping and structuring Christmas, Halloween, and party decor
  • Enclosures and perches for pet habitats and terrariums
  • Weaving trivets, baskets, and eco-friendly mats
  • Adorning vases, centerpieces, wreaths, and floral arrangements
  • Kid-friendly puppet shows and storytelling theaters
  • Colourful stamps and printmaking handles

These are just a taste of the possibilities! Bamboo sticks pair wonderfully with other natural materials like twine, raffia, feathers, seeds, shells, and stones to create nature-inspired masterpieces.

The applications are endless when you have strong, adaptable bamboo in hand.

Premium Bamboo Sticks for All Skill Levels

Whether you’re a parent looking for open-ended creative building materials, a seasoned maker crafting intricate miniatures, or simply seeking sustainable materials for everyday projects, these premium bamboo sticks are a versatile addition to your craft stash.

With a quantity of 100, they allow for collaborative creating, prototyping different designs, or working on multiple projects at once.

Their flexible strength makes them ideal for makers of all ages and skill levels. These sturdy sticks hold tension and bond tightly with wood glues.

Smooth and uniform in size, artists can rely on these bamboo strips for consistency across projects. The thicker 0.12 inch width provides extra durability for heavy duty projects.

Superior Value Craft Supplies

Purchasing quality craft materials in bulk allows the savings to be passed on to you! This set of 100 extra long bamboo sticks is available at a wholesale price, making it easy and affordable to stock up.

Whether you create frequently or just want materials on hand for projects as inspiration strikes, it pays to buy bamboo sticks in a value set.

With a sizable quantity, generous length, premium quality, and budget-friendly price, crafters can’t go wrong with this pack!

These natural bamboo craft sticks will be your new go-to supplies for eco-conscious creating, prototyping, and fun hands-on learning. With an endless range of uses, your imagination is the only limit.

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our premium bamboo craft sticks and want you to be thrilled with your purchase. That’s why we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee.

If you experience any issues with the quality, or if the sticks simply aren’t a good fit for your projects, we will provide a full refund or replacement. With thousands of happy customers, you can feel confident in your order.

Let your creativity run wild with these eco-friendly, extra long 15.7 inch bamboo sticks! Sturdy yet flexible, they are ideal for builders and crafters of all skill levels working on endless projects.


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